May 06, 2015

The Valentines Day dinner: Steak, wine and a little bit of love. 

Valentine’s Day is always a fine dining restaurant for us. There’s a certain appeal about restaurant food that you can’t argue. The plating, the ambience, the cut of meat, the rich sauces; it’s the whole package. Replicating this restaurant quality food at home is something I obsess. I go great leng

Dec 16, 2014

The South Indian green peas masala stew of your dreams 

You’ve seen ratatouille. That scene when Anton Ego takes that bite, only to be reminded of him mom’s cooking. Everyone has one. And this is mine. There’s also a story why I love this dish Puttu is a staple breakfast in my family. And as it goes, plantain is the “side dish”. It was so easy a breakfas

Sep 29, 2014

Pizza night

Friday night was pizza night. Home made. Every bit. The recipe is from this: (its pretty rad) and the sauce is store bought ragu. I pan grilled the chicken with some herbs and added some basic vegetables with cheddar cheese

Sep 29, 2014

Fresh Corn Soup. 

It was corn season time in Bangalore and I so badly wanted to get this right. My previous attempts with corn weren’t that great, especially the sweet corn chicken soup. Almost all the corn based recipes used canned, pre cooked corns and that’s so much a deterrent for me. I wanted to use the fresh ...

Aug 04, 2014

paneer tikka roll

Made the chicken version of this. Came out really well. Make sure you control the chili hotness.

Jul 17, 2014

Chicken Shahi Korma

Inspired by PinchofYum, this is one Indian recipe that’s not hot.

Jun 28, 2014

Minced simple chicken curry. A no spice stew - Jasha Marro

This recipe is perhaps the biggest surprise I've had to chicken. Without any doubts this will top my list of the most delectable, easy and healthy chicken recipes of all time. It wasn't a simple decision to try this though. Glancing through Priya's recipe the very thought of spending time cooking a ...

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